RoboSense selected by FAW’s Hongqi as LiDAR partner to mass produce several new vehicle models starting from 2023

[SHENZHEN, China] - RoboSense, a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems, today announced partnership with FAW’s Hongqi on a number of new vehicle models. Autonomous driving solutions on the Hongqi Auto FEEA3.0 platform will adopt multiple RoboSense second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR to create superior intelligent driving perception solution. Autonomous driving solutions on the FEEA3.0 platform will be applied to a number of new models of Hongqi that will be mass produced from 2023. With its world-leading automotive-grade LiDAR products, RoboSense will promote the large-scale commercialization, production and adoption of intelligent vehicles worldwide together with Hongqi Auto.

Hongqi’s FEEA3.0 platform is the new-generation autonomous vehicle electronic and electrical architecture that has fully upgraded in vehicle safety, reliability and scalability, and can provide strong platform support for the intelligent development of vehicles. RoboSense’s second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR, as a major component in the environment sensing module of the FEEA3.0 platform, will assist FAW’s Hongqito further develop towards high-level intelligence.

As the only enterprise worldwide to achieve large-scale production and delivery of automotive-grade smart solid-state LiDAR, RoboSense has always focused on the technological innovation and large-scale application of LiDAR. RoboSense’s second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR adopts a revolutionary 2D MEMS smart chip scanning architecture, with high level of integration, streamlined structure and highly stable and reliable product performance. Up to now, RoboSense, by steadfastly focusing on the large-scale commercial application of LiDAR, has been nominated by leading car companies including Hongqi as the Tier1 supplier for more than 40 vehicle models.

Since its new brand strategy was released in 2018, through “digital intelligence” transformation, FAW’s Hongqi has successfully pushed the product power and influence of Chinese automotive brands to a new high. Into the future, RoboSense will further deepen cooperation with Hongqi in the large-scale production of automotive-grade LiDAR to maximize the perception efficiency of intelligent vehicles. RoboSense will support Hongqi in accelerating its large-scale production and marketing of intelligent vehicles and push Chinese automotive brands marching towards global market leader.

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