P6 is the first automotive-grade solid-state LiDAR L4 sensor fusion solution launched by RoboSense. It integrates a complete portfolio of LiDAR sensors, AI perception and MEMS chipsets. And P6 features higher perception capability and reliability, supports “one-stop” flexible LiDAR deployment, safeguards autonomous driving, and facilitates the large-scale commercial application of unmanned mobility services.


Automotive-grade Solid-state LiDAR Integrated

360° x 25°

Field of View (FoV)


Perception Range up to


Perception Coverage for Dynamic and Static Obstacles


Perception Coverage for Road Signs


Obstacles Perception Date Output
One-Stop Flexible Deployment
For the first time, 4 M series automotive-grade solid-state LiDARs are integrated into one, providing wider field of vision and greater sensing distance.
*Remarks: 2 to 8 M Series LiDARs can be selected and deployed flexibly.
P6 creates a 360° horizontal smart perception range up to 200 meters, promote the large-scale and rapid implementation of autonomous driving projects.
Over 15 Years of Accumulation in Point Cloud Software
P6 is equipped with independently-developed real-time point cloud perception software. It supports the simultaneous output of perception results of multiple LiDARs and real-time fusion processing, resulting in more accurate perception, finer segmentation, more stable tracking, faster secondary development, and an accurate perception of information in complex traffic environments.
Efficient and Accurate Perception Data Support
Supported by RoboSense’s leading software and hardware technologies, P6 realized a complete set of environmental perception functions including road sign detection, dynamic and static obstacles detection, free space detection and multi-LiDAR sensor fusion. P6 will support environmental perception in all scenarios in advanced autonomous driving from start to finish perfectly.

Dynamic and Static Obstacles Detection

P6 can perceive dynamic and static obstacles including pedestrians, bicyclists, large vehicles, small vehicles, trailers, cones and stone piers, and output 13 types of perception information including ID, category, position, size, speed, acceleration, and direction of movement of each obstacle, totaling 52 detailed data items.

Road Sign Detection

P6 can clearly identify multiple types of road signs such as lane lines and curbs, and generate 5 data items including ID, location, curvature, area and confidence of road signs to put into the autonomous driving system.

Free Space Detection

Based on the detection results of road signs and dynamic and static obstacles, P6 will “navigate” the autonomous driving system to the drivable space.
Adapting to More Complex Road Scenarios
Relying on the ultimate LiDAR sensing ability and mature point cloud algorithm technology, P6 fully meets the intelligent perception requirements of unmanned travel services for flexible obstacle avoidance, and helps autonomous vehicles see more clearly, more widely, farther, and drive more leisurely in many complex traffic driving scenarios.

Mixed Traffic Scenarios

Identify various types of traffic participants and wait for the safe passage opportunity

Unprotected Left-turn Scenarios

Anticipate lateral incoming vehicles in advance for more decisive and safer left turns

Merging Scenarios

Perceive the position and speed of vehicles behind and merge into traffic quickly

Vehicle Cutting-in Scenarios

Predict emergency vehicle cutting-in by the preceding vehicle to avoid collisions
P6 Deployment

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