Far-field "GAZE“ —— Intelligently Improve Perception Resolution
For highway driving, dynamic improvement of the resolution within the ROI can realize earlier detection of distant obstacles to achieve safer highway autonomous driving!
Near-field "GAZE" —— Intelligently Increase Frame Rate
For city road driving, dynamic increase of the frame rate can achieve faster response of the system to the near field traffic situation to achieve more comfortable city road autonomous driving!
Fast refresh with high-resolution point cloud
  • 0.2°x0.2°


  • 750000pts/s


  • 10HZ


200m detection range
Breakthrough the ranging limitation of mems solid-state LiDAR with 905nm lasers
120°×25° utral-wide FOV
FOV (Vertical × Horizontal)
Built-in Perception Software, smart evolution
Obstacles detection and classification, dynamic objects, free space detection
In December 2019, RoboSense obtains the IATF 16949 certification.

In July 2020, M1 began to receive orders for mass-produced autonomous vehicles from OEMs worldwide,
the first one is from a North American OEM;

In December 2020, RoboSense obtains the IATF 16949 design and manufacture certification of automotive-grade LiDAR.

The cumulative test time for all test samples has now exceeded 300,000 hours;

The longest-running prototype has been tested for more than 700 days;

The total road test mileage has exceeded 200,000 kilometers;

The SOP version of M1 will adapt to all weather & working conditions.

*As Of Dec 2020
Deployment Recommendations
  • RS-LiDAR-M1
  • Blind-Spot LiDAR

Product Specifications
Laser Wavelength 905nm Laser Safety Class 1 eye safe
Range 200m(150m@10% NIST)  Blind Spot ≤0.5m
Accuracy(Typical) ±5cm(1sigma)  Frame Rate 10Hz
Horizontal FoV 120°(-60°~+60°) Vertical FoV 25°(-12.5°~+12.5°)
Horizontal  Resolution 0.2°(Average) Vertical Resolution 0.2°(Average)
Points Per Second ~750,000pts/s(Single Return)   ~1,500,000pts/s(Dual Return)  UDP Packet include Spatial Coordinates, Intensity, Timestamp, etc.
Ethernet Connection 1000M Base T1 Output UDP packets over Ethernet

Operating Voltage 9V - 32V Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Power Consumption 15W Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +105°C
Ingress Protection IP67, IP6K9K Time Synchronization gPTP
Dimension(Without connector)

108mm x 110mm x 45mm

(D x W x H)

Weight (without cabling) ~730g

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