RoboSense Honored with "Technical Contribution Award" from XPENG

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RoboSense,a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems, recently attended XPENG's first global partner conference and was awarded the "Technical Contribution Award" for its outstanding performance in XPENG G6, XPENG P7i, XPENG G9, and other models with its RS-LiDAR-M series (M series) LiDAR.

Over the years, RoboSense has established a close partnership with XPENG. Since the cooperation between the two parties, RoboSense has leveraged its high-performance, high-reliability, and cost-effective M series LiDAR products and stable and efficient delivery pace to assist XPENG in gradually realizing full-scene intelligent assisted driving, launching and delivering multiple intelligent vehicle models.

In September 2022, XPENG G9, equipped with two M series LiDARs, was officially launched; in March 2023, the brand-new XPENG P7i, with the help of sensing hardware such as M series LiDAR, was equipped with the new generation of intelligent assisted driving system XNGP and was launched and delivered; in April 2023, XPENG G6, as the first strategic vehicle model under XPENG's SEPA 2.0 technology architecture, was equipped with two M series LiDARs and was unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2023.

The M series LiDAR is an important sensing hardware for XPENG's brand-new XNGP intelligent assisted driving system, injecting powerful perception support for achieving the industry's first end-to-end full-scene intelligent assisted driving capability. The M series LiDAR integrates chip-based 2D scanning scheme and modular optical module design, with outstanding maturity and reliability, providing perception redundancy for XPENG's multiple vehicle models and effectively enhancing XNGP's full-scene perception capability.

The high-precision perception performance of the M series LiDAR has been fully applied in some versions of XPENG's brand-new P7i, G9, and other vehicle models. In March of this year, XPENG's brand-new XNGP intelligent assisted driving system's first-stage capabilities were officially opened. With the help of hardware such as M series LiDAR, XNGP has realized multiple intelligent assisted driving functions, such as city NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving, high-speed NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving enhancement, LCC road centering assisted driving enhancement, as well as VPA-L parking lot memory parking enhancement, EAP super intelligent parking assist, and other multi-scene intelligent parking assist functions.

RoboSense's highly scalable product system, global leading testing and verification system, and multi-level complementary mass production system provide strong support for XPENG to reduce future new vehicle development costs, optimize overall costs, build a lean supply chain operation mode, and truly enter the systematic vehicle manufacturing stage under the SEPA architecture.

So far, with its outstanding technical strength, excellent product performance, and leading mass production capacity, RoboSense has won the recognition of many automakers for several years, including GAC "Innovation Contribution Award" in 2021, Lucid Motors' "Outstanding Supplier of 2022," etc.

RoboSense's winning of the "Technical Contribution Award" from XPENG not only indicates that the two parties have achieved mutual growth and achievement in promoting the scale application of full-scene intelligent driving but also confirms the trend of the automotive industry accelerating the aggregation of advantageous resources, creating high-competitive products through technological innovation, and enhancing the intelligent driving experience.

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RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is a world-leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems. With a complete portfolio of LiDAR sensors, AI perception and IC chipsets, RoboSense transforms conventional 3D LiDAR sensors with comprehensive data analysis and interpretation systems.

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